Wiggle Waggle Walk


Thank you for visiting our TEAM PAGE!  We have accepted the challenge of participating in the 2018 Wiggle Waggle Walk benefiting the Hamilton/Burlington’ SPCA. The Hamilton/Burlington Walk raised close to $60,000 last year! Hundreds of animals across our local area benefited from the community’s support.
Now, with your support we can make a significant difference in more animals’ lives working together.  it is your chance to support the animals!
Did you know the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA currently does not receive any government funding for their rescue & relief and animal welfare services? They rely solely on the support of donors to care for thousands of animals each year. They arrive on the SPCA’s doorstep abandoned, injured or in their care due to cruelty.
I am asking you to help by supporting our fundraising efforts. Your commitment will make a difference in the lives of so many animals! It is faster and easier than ever to support this great cause by simply clicking on the donate link on this page!
You know how much animals mean to everyone! Please enjoy a day in the park with me, bring your dog, spouse, partner, children friends and family! Help me make a difference to more animals! I see the work the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA teams do each day! It is real and they truly change and save lives, animals that are just looking for that second chance at a forever home.
All they want is a place where they are safe, loved, cared for and happy! You can make that happen, it really is that simple!
This year we want to raise as much as we can and we will do it with you joining our team! Thank you!
We greatly appreciate your support!

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